MMA Beginners Course

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Purchase your ticket for the next MMA Beginners Course. You only need to pay for the first 4 sessions, once these sessions are completed you can then pay for the remaining 4 sessions. 

You can train once a week at any of the available slots and complete the course in 2 months, or you can train twice a week and complete the course in 1 month.

PLEASE NOTE: Tuesday & Wednesday cover the same subjects so please don't select Tuesday AND Wednesday as an option if you are intending to train twice a week. If you intend to train twice a week then you must select one of the Friday sessions along with a Tuesday OR Wednesday session

The first February sessions kick off on the following dates:

  • Friday 1st February 7:15pm
  • Tuesday 5th January 8:30pm

This means that any of these sessions could be your first session of the eight session beginners course if you are only doing one session a week. If you choose to do two sessions a week then your first session will be on Friday 1st February.

If you select to train twice a week you will still only need to pay for half the course (£40) up front. Please add a ticket for each of the days/times that you wish to attend, for example, add a ticket for Tuesday at 8:30pm and Friday at 7:15pm. You will see a total price of £80 in your cart but when you checkout this will be reduced to £40.